Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Rodeo with Lace

For my summer knitting project, I was instructed to start working on more advanced techniques within the knitting world.  I thought the best place to start would be with lace.  I had previously learned how to add small eyelets to work and that helped me tremendously with learning how to keep up with lace knitting.  The project I completed was the Frilly Filly Scarf from Stitch n' Bitch: Superstar Knitting.  It looked like an easy enough pattern to follow and it became really easy to memorize it after repeating it 38 times...

The hardest part about the lace project was keeping up with all of the different yarn overs and keeping them in the right place.  I had to take out rows several different times because I had not added a yarn over in the right spot and it had thrown off the entire pattern.  The only thing I regret about this project is that I wish I had done the scarf in a more airy kind of yarn.  I used Caron Simply Soft because it fit the gauge and I had quite a bit of excess of it in my stash.  Once I finally got the hang of making sure I counted the stitches on every row, the scarf went really quickly.

Here's the link to my project page:

After I finished the scarf, I started another project.  It's been fun trying to get all of these little projects done before school starts!

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  1. Congratulations! If you get a chance to add a photo to this post, I know we'd all like to see. And link to the project on Ravelry (good chance to check out their project shring options) when you get it up there.

    If you find you've missed a yarn over on the previous row, you can use your left needle to pull up the strand of yarn that runs between two stitches and then knit into that. Saves some unknitting, anyway!