Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Craft Wisely Podcast, Episode 10: Moving Forward into a Brighter Future

Each week, a group of students from the Craft Wisely course will invite listeners into the discussions taking place in our classroom. The conversation starts with ideas derived from our texts and our practice, and ranges into the podcasters' interpretations and experience.

The Dust Storms whirl in for their last podcast.  From the notion of metamorphosis (the transformation of the craftsperson through interaction with material) to anthropomorphosis (ascribing human qualities to crafted objects as a way of valuing them); from the intersection of technology with handwork, to the processes that influence whether workers care about quality; and from the conception of the class as an experiment to feedback about how to make it better, Anna, Lynn, Ariel, and Adrea give their final word on the course.

Download the podcast here. To subscribe to the podcast, add the Craft Wisely podcast feed to iTunes or your favorite podcast reader.

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