Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Craft Wisely Podcast, Episode 5: Messages in the Stitches

Each week, a group of students from the Craft Wisely course will invite listeners into the discussions taking place in our classroom. The conversation starts with ideas derived from our texts and our practice, and ranges into the podcasters' interpretations and experience.

Cogs in the Wheel (Shannon, Eric, Sara, and Kirsten) explore self-expression through craft. From using inviting, domestic-associated fiber crafts to express political or cultural dissent, to the ambiguous messages delivered by "yarn-bombing," to the personal meaning of the projects we're currently working on, to the crafts on display at Conway's recent ArtsFest, the group wonders whether craftwork always communicates clearly what we tried to embed in those physical objects.

Download the podcast here. To subscribe to the podcast, add the Craft Wisely podcast feed to iTunes or your favorite podcast reader.

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