Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Hat!

For the Conway Cradle Care project I wanted to learn how to knit a hat. So i went onto Ravelry and found this really cute hat called My Blueberry hat here. I thought it would be a really nice and cute hat for one of the mothers. (and i know its not unisex like we were shooting for, but its so cute!)I have heard that crocheting hats are really easy and they go by quickly, but i didn't know how quickly! I made the first one in under three hours. I got about halfway through and I couldn't understand why the seam was so noticeable. There was a vertical line of huge holes running up the side. I had already wondered why thepattern called for a turning chain of three when i was just doing rows of double crochets, but I thought it was different with hats.

So, for the next two rows I just chained two at the beginning of each row. It looked so much better! The seam was starting to blend into the rest of the row. I guess i should have just started over, but i really wanted to see the finished product. The only problem was that the rows weren't as tall anymore, so i had to guess at how many more rows to do to make it the right length. I lost count of how many times I asked my roommates to try on the hat to gauge the length.
Of course, when i finished with this odd looking hat I had to try it again to make it good enough to give to CCC.
My second attempt was a great success! This new hat is so cute! I am actually thinking about ripping up my first hat to make myself one, too. But i need to also work on my red scarf, because I only have about three feet done.

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  1. Beautiful color! I like the detail at the bottom too.