Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What "magic" can one do with a pair of circular knitting needles? I call it whatever can be done "magic" because not everyone can master using circular needles well--I once tried and failed. I think of this as a challenge to me, but my classmates in my Honors Crafting class keep motivating me with the work they are doing.

I opted for making hats for the Conway Cradle Care project that we are doing. This idea sounded crazy to me at first but then our class is going to have a knitting workshop in which I look forward to learning this new craft.
When I started working on the circular needles, I searched on how to use them and one website (http://www.knittingforcharity.org/5_tips_for_knitting_on_circular_knitting_needles.html) impressed me by giving 5 tips for knitting on circular needles:

Tip #1 -- Always read your knitting pattern before starting

Tip #2 -- Educate yourself about circular knitting needles

Tip #3 -- It's all in the details.

Tip #4 -- If at first you don't succeed...keep trying.

Tip #5 -- Choose a beginner level pattern.

I have been trying to work on these tips, but I know the crafting workshop we are going to have will help me a lot in figuring out what exactly to do. Therefore, what I am trying to show in this post is that crafting requires most of all, patience and co-operation because I believe those people who know how to knit in the round faced difficulties as well at first. Co-operation is required in terms of helping each other out in figuring how to do something, through my class's cooperation I am going to learn how to knit in the round.

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