Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So for this blog I'm going to again discuss my current knitting project. Right now I am working on some color work fingerless gloves. This is my second attempt at color work. My first project was a mini American flag, that I created the design for myself, which turned out to be very simple. I actually chose a flag because I happened to have extra red, white, and blue yarn and it just seemed meant to be.

Moving forward to my current project. This is actually the first time that I've used double pointed needles, or knitted in the round. I really like this way of knitting, the only problem I have is that the area where I carried the yarn is much tighter then the rest of the glove. This I hope to fix in later work by just keeping the yarn loose.

This pattern I actually modified to include the purple and I have changed a couple other little things that aren't visible yet. For some reason I seem to be unable to leave a pattern as it is, which I don't think is that bad of a habit. For example, this pattern involves the bass clef. In the pattern the clef is actually located on the wrong line of the staff and being a music person I feel that it is important to have the clef located in the right spot. Hopefully this will be an easy fix, but you never know!

Well that's all for now,
Happy Knitting!

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  1. When I did my first stranded colorwork mitts, the best suggestion I got was to knit them inside out. Instead of having the working needles closest to you -- on the "near side" of the work -- turn the work inside out so that the working needles are at the "far side" of the work. That way the floats go around the outside of the mitt as you're working and don't pull too tight around the corners.