Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Better than Storebought

When I had to think about which crafty person in my life I wanted to interview, my paternal grandmother immediately came to mind. Although we have always lived very far apart, and because of that we have not gotten the opportunity to do a ton of crafting together, she has always been an extremely creative individual who is more than willing to share her skills with those that she loves.

My grandmother learned to crochet and sew when she was a child from her mother, and has been perfecting those skills for the past seventy years. Interestingly, my grandma never learned to knit, but because of this class we have had a bond created between us and she has demanded that next time I find my way up to Michigan, I teach her. :) When asked what she gets out of the crafting that she does, my grandmother draws a lot of connections to making friends and family happy with the items that she makes. Whether she is sewing buttons onto a sweater for my grandpa, crocheting lace doilies for her friends, or diligently copying the patterns of American Girl Doll clothing, my grandmother has stated that the backbone of her crafting experience is showing love to others.

Up until the age of eight, my grandma sewed every single one of my halloween costumes. Of course, the majority of those were princess dresses, but nonetheless, she did a fantastic job. :) We still have some of them packed away somewhere in the attic- I hope to one day be able to show either my children or my neices and nephews the fantastic costumes that their great-grandmother created.

When I was little, we lived in Wisconsin, and we would go to a Renaissance Fair in Minnesota each year. It was absolutely amazing- this place was huge and felt even bigger because of my young age and the magic that it inspired. The most exciting part for me was being able to dress up in costume, which of course my grandma made for me. :) The picture is me at age three, wearing a dress that my grandmother sewed.

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