Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interview with a Crafter

For my interview, I talked with a friend of mine, Brandon, in the physics department. He’s a junior from Little Rock. Turns out he has some pretty crazy interests… and a pretty crazy sense of sarcasm.

Me: What kind of crafting do you do?
Brandon: I actually really enjoy ice sculpting. Or sculpting in general. Usually sculpting in general.

Me: Ice sculpture? Why!?
Brandon: Well… I like the cool side of the pillow. *laugh* But for real, ice sculpture seems natural to me. I love cold weather. Creating something in ice lasts for a short time, but it looks really cool. Plus there are power tools involved!

Me: But seriously…. What do you sculpt with?
Brandon: I like to use Sculpy clay. The kind you buy at Hobby Lobby. I’m a really simple guy. I’ve wanted to try that Crayola clay too.

Me: What types of things to do you sculpt?
Brandon: Birds. Specifically herons and cranes. I find their delicate features to be a striking contrast of beauty in the normally dark world.

Me: Who taught you how to sculpt?
Brandon: A French-Canadian fur trapper by the name of Jacque. I met him at the Museum of Discovery when I was eight. I was on a field trip and he was talking about his hobbies and things he created.

Me: Seriously?
Brandon: No. I saw television show on sculpting and that stuck with me.

Me: So… where do you sculpt?
Brandon: I like to sculpt in my apartment. Vinh and I have a portion of the living room dedicated to “crafting”… he’s really into origami actually.

Me: That’s cool. Do you guys teach each other?
Brandon: Yea. He’s taught me how to make that little swan. And I’ve taught him how to sculpt a swan. Crafting is a mutual endeavor in our apartment.

Me: Well. That’s really cool. I’m glad we got to talk about this.
Brandon: Yea. Me too! You’ll have to show me how to knit sometime. Always worth adding another craft to the pile.

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