Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prized Craft

I have now finished a total of three objects since I have started my knitting life; in knitting years I am about ½ year old. The three objects that I have finished, in chronological order, were a scarf, a baby hat, and a baby blanket. All of the objects I have made I have given away, and I have absolutely no regrets with those decisions. I am an extremely giving person, and I would give something away before keeping it for myself (in most cases). But anyways! I would have to say that of those three objects, the baby blanket is my most prized work of art. There a few reasons for this. The first reason is that it is one of the few knitted objects that I have created. Trust me; it was an accomplishment for me to just learn to knit, so the fact that I have made three objects far exceeds my starting expectations. The second reason is that it looked dang good! I do not like to brag, but that thing looked like a blanket! It even had a little design around the edges that came from the pattern that I chose. It looked something like this picture…

… but better of course!
The third reason that this baby blanket is my proudest object, is because of the amount of time that I put into it! It took a full 3 days straight of what seemed like non-stop knitting to create this amazing work of art. Finally biggest reason I made this blanket was the purpose behind the blanket. I made this blanket for a 1 year old boy in the CASA organization. This little boy has gone through a hard life for what little life he has lived, and that made making this blanket so much easier. This made making the blanket so much easier and so much more worth it! Knowing that this blanket was going to a kid who needed it much more than me gave me purpose and determination. I think that is the driving factor behind anything that we make from our own hands. I can easily say that each stitch that I put into that blanket meant much more than the entire scarf that I made, even though the scarf took much more time. It is this idea of service and giving back to the community that we live in that stitches a much tighter and better town in which we reside.

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