Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rock people

No one in my family seems to be very "crafty." However when me and my sisters were little, wewould go to my grandma's house during the summer. She loved to paint and we loved to get into the paint. After her finding me and my younger sister in the kitchen, placing our painted handprints all over her cabinets, she decided to teach us to use paint correctly. I remember the first craft we ever did with paint: make rock people!

She took us outside for a walk and we searched for the flattest rocks we could find. After finding a few rocks a piece we went inside and sat at the kitchen table. We covered the table in newspaper and got out all the materials. Paint, brushes, a cup of water, a hot glue gun, and a package of small eyes she had purchased from hobby lobby. She told us that when she was little, she used to make rock people with her brothers and sisters. Each day for about two weeks, we would come over and dilligently work on our rock people. We would make indians, cowboys, girls,boys, anything we could think of! We would paint on their faces: hair, checks, mouth expression. When we were done our grandma would let us pick out the eyes we wanted and she would glue them on the rock. When we were done, we had our very own rock people. By the time the two weeks were up, we had a rock village.

The picture at top is one of the last remaining rock people from my childhood. His name is froggie and we have managed to keep up with him for 15 years. He's pretty special.

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