Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Dream Craft: Jewelry Art

If I could had the time, ability, and resources, I would love to complete the craft to the right of the page. As anyone who visited my room last year knows, I have a love for designing cute and artsy ways to display my jewelry. In my bathroom my sophomore year, I organized my jewelry (as well as Shelby's, as we shared a sink) in a cool design next to our bathroom mirror. I was often complimented on it, and immediately decided I wanted to do something cool this year.

Sadly, I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with our jewelry. I know; I know: it's November. How much more time can I take? It's ridiculous how long it's taken me, but I just can't seem to make a decision on how I want it organized. Ideally, however, I would love to do this arrangement. I think the idea of taking a picture frame (or old mirror, in this particular case), removing the middle, and stringing lace across the frame to hang jewelry on is so cool! I saw this picture on Pinterest (one of the most amazing websites in existence, if you ask me!), and I fell in love immediately. I have also stumbled across a craft much like this one, where the crafter used a picture frame instead of a mirror frame. In that case, the crafter used branches instead of lace to hand jewelry on. I love both ideas! I think this idea is perhaps a bit more classy and sophisticated, but both are amazing, and so innovative!

The main reason I haven't tried this yet is because I haven't managed to come across a cool frame like this one. I also don't really have the time or money to try to put something like this together. However, if I stumbled upon a great deal for a frame, I would absolutely do this craft! I think it would look amazing in our bathroom here at school. Shelby and I both have extensive jewelry collections, so we need something cute to collect and display our pieces on. We rarely wear our jewelry because we can never untangle all of the different pieces of jewelry, so this would be a great solution to that problem! I really hope that I can do this someday in the future - and if I do, I will definitely post a picture to the blog so others can see I finally realized my dream!

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