Monday, September 27, 2010

The Magical Realm of Handcrafting

My crafting journey began at the beginning of this past summer while I was working at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. Not only was the Renaissance theme inspiration to create, but this particular Renaissance festival in upstate New York happens to be one of the only festivals in which vendors must present stock in front of a panel, and all items sold at festival MUST be 100% handmade. I was living in a realm of handmade goodness! :) I worked for an artist, Lorna Trigg, from Eureka Springs, AR selling her ceramic doumbek drums and frame drums. The entire booth consisted of handmade ceramic drums and bamboo flutes made by Lorna and her husband, Craig. My best friend Kodi and I worked at the booth. We were "wenches," and our jobs consisted of dressing in garb, saying ridiculous things in old english, and selling musical instruments.
The picture on the top left is of Lorna, the drum builder, drumming on a doumbek she built. In the background you can see other doumbeks she built, as well.
The bottom picture is of Kodi gettin' down with some ceramic rattles. She has a handmade 4-holed ocarina (whistle flute) around her neck. On the display to the left are Lorna's handpainted timbrels along with bamboo rhythm sticks. On display to the right are the Italian Ocarinas (also known as the "Ocarina of Time" for all you Zelda nerds).
Living with craftspeople/artists, I was constantly inspired by them to create. I made music all summer, but Lorna also taught me how to wire-wrap crystals, bead-stitch around sticks to make smudge fans, and assemble childrens' drum from recycled food cans and goat skins. Most importantly, she taught me how to KNIT! :)

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  1. I've never been to a Renaissance festival! There's a great one in the metro area where I live. Someday I'll have to make myself a dress and check it out.