Monday, September 20, 2010

Illusion knitting

So I'm going to talk about the project that I'm working on right now for this post. As most of you know I'm very new to knitting. I've kind of limited myself to making scarfs, because I'm afraid if I venture out to other projects they'll be too complicated for me :) (are smiley faces allowed in posts?)
For this scarf, I really wanted to do something special for my roommates birthday, which was this last Saturday. She's really into dragonflies so I searched Ravelry for patterns with dragonflies and I found this really neat pattern of a dragonfly using what is called an illusion stitch. Basically what this means is that from an aerial view the scarf will just look like a striped scarf, but from an angle the pattern becomes visible, it's like knitting magic! :D

This is what I have done so far:

And this is the scarf at an angle where you can see the dragonfly:

I didn't want to just use the dragonfly pattern over and over again as the pattern describes, so I decided to create my own pattern for the middle section of the scarf. So the scarf is going to have a dragonfly section followed by two K sections and then one section with the Greek letter Psi. (KKPsi is the fraternity that my roommate belongs to, and I thought it would be a great personalization for her birthday present, the colors that I chose are actually the fraternity colors as well lol)

I'm actually having some trouble with the letters in the scarf, it's just difficult to get the dimensions of the letters just right, but I think that I'll be able to work it all out.


I have successfully finished this project! And am pleased to say that my roommate, as well as several other KKPsi members love it!

The only problem that I really had was that the letters turned out a little smashed looking. Also the sides of the scarf have a habit of curling in, which I find very annoying. The best advice I could dive to creating your own pattern would be to draw out your letters on graph paper, where each stitch is represented by one box. Once you've done that I would look at your pattern from a more horizontal level, this will help you avoid the smashed look of my letters :)

Happy knitting!

P.S. I know this isn't the greatest image, but it is a very long scarf and it isn't easy to capture the entire illusion.