Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Magical Modeler

My dream craft would be making models. I would love to be able to build intricate miniaturized replicas of ships (stellar and seaworthy), buildings, trains... anything! The attention to detail that is required for this craft is incredible... Take for instance, Ian Lawrence's 1:650 replica of the NCC-1701-E, featured in Star Trek Nemesis. (below) The picture is ridiculously large, but I think it helps show the detail that Lawrence put into this work. This isn't a snap together kit like the one I got for Christmas last year... this is a work of art. Each individual window cut, each individual "metal flap" painted by hand (not to mention every other detail that was hand painted onto the ship), each LED light installed to bring to life Gene Roddenberry's vision. The work must have taken forever. Lawrence also crafts models of buildings (like the 1:100th scale rendition of the Phoenix Temple, also below). To be able to complete this craft would require incredible patience and extreme attention to detail... which are both qualities I lack... and that is probably why this is my dream craft and not my current hobby! :)

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