Monday, October 31, 2011

Proudest In-process Project

I am not, by any means, an experienced knitter. Before this class began, I had never even so much as picked up a set of knitting needles. To be honest, I didn't have too much of a desire to knit. Since entering this class, I have developed a love for knitting I never thought I would possess. Sometimes I become frustrated with the activity, but I love it. At the moment, I have yet to actually complete anything. I am continuously jumping from project to project, and I can't seem to finish a single one. In my defense, I quit most recent project so that I could focus on my project for CASA. I fully intend on returning to it once I finish my work on items for CASA.

However, my scarf that I am currently working on for the CASA project is a project I am very proud of. While it is rather simple - and definitely still in the beginning stages - I learned a new technique in order to be able to do it. Likewise, I have ripped it out and started it over several times, so I've put a lot of effort into it. I want this to be as close to perfect as it can be, so it's taking me more time. I'm really excited about where it has come thus far! I learned to pearl for this, which I was really intimidated about at first. I didn't even want to try because I thought it would be more difficult than it really was, so I simply... didn't. However, now I am working away at this scarf and pearling like a pro!

The pattern is slip one in the beginning, then knit two, pearl one for the duration of the row, finishing with one knitted stitch. It's relatively simple, but a whole new world for a beginner like me! Here is a pciture of my work thus far.

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