Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sound of Music

When I realized that I would have to interview someone I knew who crafted, my mind automatically jumped to my boyfriend Jimmy who really enjoys building small elaborate wooden objects. While I was studying abroad in Canada, he designed and built me a magnificent mahogany piano music box which is one of the best presents I have ever received. And upon interviewing him I also learned that he is an artist as well as a craftsman.

Question: what is the first craft you learned?

Answer: Sketching/Watercolor. I used to take magazines and try to copy the pictures from them. Apparently when I was little I was good at sketching things.

Question: Any other crafts that you do now?

Answer: Funny you should ask, I do wood working primarily, carpentry if you call it that. I build model planes with my dad, I have helped furniture with my dad, and repair work on cuckoo clocks. I also have built music boxes and model ships.

Question: What got you interested in wood working?

Answer: With my dad, we have built planes since I was in first grade. But with boats, I started in the beginning in high school. Frankly, as a little kid, I did not have the patience to put little pieces of wood together. When I was little I would sketch a lot more than do wood working.

Question: Has your dad been your biggest influence in wood working?

Answer: My dad has been doing it ever since I can remember, but I think he started wood working in high school. But he didn’t start working on boats until I was older.

Question: What other crafts/hobbies do your family members do?

Answer: My brother keeps salt water aquariums; my mom paints with oils; my dad and I do wood working; my Uncle Steve is a professional artist. For my family it is a hobby to have hobbies.

Question: By definition what is the difference between a hobby and a craft? What is a craft to begin with?

Answer: The only way to define it is a hobby in which you devote a huge amount of effort, time, and material into doing something where one tries to have a definite outcome. For example music is a craft because one has to invest a ton of time and effort in the form of practicing and lessons. When it comes to a hobby is for fun where I am merely doing it for fun, but I am not trying to get anything out of it.

Question: If you could do any other craft what would it be and why?

Answer: Pottery I could definitely attempt, maybe sculpture…something with clay. I like creating things and working with my hands. It is basically what I d with wood working but with a different medium and technique.

Question: What is your favorite thing that you have built to date?

Answer: My favorite thing would be my music/jewelry/secret compartment/ piano box. I like because first of all it is the most difficult thing I have ever built with the inlay, and I came up with it without any instructions. It was mine; it came from my mind and writing things down on a piece of paper. Plus I enjoyed the challenge. The music box was difficult, but the hardest part was the fact that I had to improve.

Question: Do you prefer handmade gifts vs. store-bought?

Answer: I would definitely say that I prefer handmade gifts, and I love giving them. But I understand store-bought gifts because the ultimate thought counts. Every gift should have an element of the handmade whether it is a silly card or object.

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