Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Proudest Craft

When I was in the eighth grade I had to have surgery, which prevented me from being involved in my usual extra-curricular activities. I'm the type of person that always has to be doing something, and I couldn't stand being stuck at home watching TV all the time, so, instead of doing that, my mom drove me out to my granny's house everyday for a week so she could teach me how to crotchet. At first, I created lopsided, lumpy "scarves," most of which were never actually finished. However, about six months after learning how to crotchet, I found out that my aunt was pregnant; being the only one in my immediate family who was even remotely crafty, I was commissioned to make my soon-to-be cousin a blanket.
Needless to say, I was in over my head.
I started out by going through some of granny's pattern books; I'm pretty sure I started about seven blankets before I actually found one that I liked and stuck to it. Because my aunt wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, I chose to use green yarn and finally got down to business. I remember getting about half-way through the blanket pattern that I had chosen and thinking that I would never get it finished.
I started the blanket when my aunt was approximately four months pregnant and didn't finish it until the week before her due date. A fact that could be because with every mistake, I had to rip it and start again. But. Finally, five months later, I had my first actual completed project: a green baby blanket with a white edging. While I'm sure I'll complete much more complex and challenging products in the future, I feel like this will still be the object I'm the most proud of because it was my first.

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